35 Best Mobile Apps for Back Pain Relief (2021)

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In the recent years, the smartphone has become our own personal assistant. Regardless of what you need, it seems you can always find an app for that. So, why not let your smartphone assist you in alleviating neck pain and back pain too?

Chronic back pain management entails being mindful and informed of aspects such as posture. A smartphone will give you daily reminders for exercises and stretches, and provide you with a detailed tracking of your results, which can be very helpful for your treatment. A smartphone can also work as a ticket to neck and back pain relief, especially with the amazing array of apps available right now. In this article, we’ll look at some of these apps, which are specially designed to help you kick back and neck pain out for good.

Pain Trackers and Diaries

1. My Pain Diary

If you are trying to track your pain symptoms and to identify any patterns or triggers, this app is perfect for you. It’s available for free on iOS, and has received positive customer ratings, and even won a Web Health award in the Spring of 2012. My Pain Diary prompts you to record the type of pain, the location, the trigger, and the remedy. It also keeps a historic track of your pain, and can graph your pain to let you discover any pain patterns.

2. CatchMyPain

This is one of the most popular apps for pain management. CatchMyPain is known for its powerful and useful features, as well as how it builds its community. With the app, patients can locate the source of pain in their body, and track their fatigue, stress, and mood. It also allows them to connect with their physician without leaving the app.

The app also comes with a forum feature that ideally connects the pain patients with each other. The anonymous data collected from users by the app is being studied by doctors and researchers to help them identify crucial areas of focus for research and improved treatment. The app is available for both iOS and Android for $3.99.

3. TracknShare

TracknShare goes beyond the typical simple diet changes and chronic pain management techniques. It’s primarily focused on creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime, by tracing the current pain, sleep, bowel movement, and exercise patterns. It lets you follow through the part of your life that you need to improve, and offers you the tools and tweaks to enhance your overall heath. TracknShare also lets you choose the way in which you want to track your habits (per hour or per day) and has space for your own notes.

4. Manage My Pain

This is a free app designed to be used on Android phones. It allows users to maintain a detailed track record of their chronic pain via some highly customizable worksheets. Those who reviewed the app loved it because if helps them to provide evidence to their doctors, insurance companies, and friends of their chronic pain. all of the personal information you enter in the app lets you have a better insight of your condition through charts, statistics, calendar views, and graphs.

5. FibroMapp

Available for $2.99 on both Android and iOS, FibroMapp takes the best features of pain tracker and sleep tracking apps, putting them together to form one of the most capable apps. FibroMapp tracks both the quality and quantity of sleep, the daily experience of pain, and the type and amount of medication you’re taking. It can also create a .pdf report that you can share with your doctor, and it can display up to a year’s worth of graphs and charts that highlight the record of pain.

6. PainScale

This is a newer app that has been specially designed to meet the needs of today’s chronic pain problems. PainScale lets you log in your symptoms, and gives you access to a whole wealth of insights and content from around the web targeted to help your pain condition. These pain conditions include lower back pain, chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, neck pain, nerve pain, arthritis, among others. You’ll also create reports for your doctor, and receive daily health tips to help you live better with the chronic pain. the app is free of charge, and is available for both iOS and Android.

7. Chronic Pain Tracker

Chronic Pain Tracker has a free “lite” version of their app, just as with Manage My Pain, and is available for both iOS and Android. The Pro version is available for $3.99. The two versions allow users to keep a diary of 19 different categories, including pain triggers, intensity, and duration. The app can also export the data as .pdf to let you share with your doctor. You can also sync your data to a Dropbox, which you can share electronically. The Pro version has no limits on the number of entries made on the pain diary, and is generally more complete. Nonetheless, the Lite version is still capable and full of useful tools.

8. iBeatPain

iBeatPain is an app from Mayo Clinic center for innovation, specifically designed to help teenagers who suffer from chronic pain. It primarily focusses on the incorporation of effective home therapies into active pain management. Such home therapies include exercise, relaxation techniques, sleep, as well as self-care and school participation basics. The app is available free of charge on the iTunes store.

9. WebMd Pain Coach

Keeping track of your pain is ideally an important step when it comes to treating back pain. it’s a helpful way to identify the back-pain triggers, and it’s quite helpful to share the statistics and the chart with your doctor or chiropractor when you visit. It’s quite easy to forget how much pain you had the previous week, especially if the kind of chronic pain you experience is a daily thing. The WebMd Pain Coach is a free app to help you quickly record the level of pain you are experiencing and exactly where your pain is.

Posture Apps

1. LUMOback

LUMO has a combination of app-and-waistband design that ideally helps to improve your posture. It detects whether you’re slouching, and will vibrate to alert you to get back into a correct posture. LUMO functions as a general log for the time you spend running, walking, standing, sitting, sleeping, and standing. It’s free of charge, and is available for iOS.

2. PostureScreen

This is designed for massage therapists, chiropractors and fitness professional for application in posture analysis and evaluation. It collects information about the user’s posture from different angles through a point-by-point analysis to help customize a backpain treatment plan.

Meditation for Back Pain Relief

1. Smiling Mind

“Meditation Made Easy” is the slogan of the app. Smiling Mind was developed by a group of mental health professionals specifically for use by adolescents. It aims to help young people to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression using simple mindfulness practices, all of which are important for making a chronic pain diagnosis. It is a free but important app to ensure a lifetime of calm.

2. Headspace

It has been proven over and over again that meditation is one of the best at-home therapies for chronic pain. Headspace is a free app that starts you off with “Take 10”, which is a series of 10 meditations each lasting 10 minutes. Download this accessible and amazing meditation app for offline use, which is quite helpful if you ever find yourself in an area with a poor Internet connection or no connection at all. The app also provides more meditations at a fee as well as more specialized meditation journeys to reduce anxiety or depression, promote better sleep, helping you find more energy, or cultivating change.

Back Massage Therapy

1. Acupressure: Heal Yourself

One of the best non-invasive healing technique for relieving tension and stress is acupressure. This app for helping you manage your pain will guide you to specific points on the body depending on the symptoms you are experiencing. If you do it correctly, it can help relieve nerve pain. The app is only available for iPhones and costs $1.99.


1. Stretch Away Back & Leg Pain

Back pain is sometimes just a stretch away. The apps retails at just below $4 and has many stretching animations to help in the prevention and treatment of hip and back pain. The stretches are fast and you can easily do them just about everywhere. The stretches can also help relieve the stress of the joints and can help with posture, which makes it an app worth opening up during your break while at work.

2. Healthy Back Workouts

This series of 3 apps is available on both Google Play for Android and iTunes. The apps are designed to help you achieve a healthy supple neck and back by performing practical workouts. The price of each app is currently discounted to just $1.99. The 3 apps in the series are Posture & Lower Back, Strong Spine & Core, and Neck & Upper Back. The app’s author is a chiropractor. The recommended workouts are grouped by muscle area, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The app is unique due to the volume of workout ideas it provides and the fact that it uses interesting anatomical pictures and pictures of real people. The workouts are easy to follow thanks to the detailed instructions and step-by-step photos.

3. 6-Minute Back Pain Relief

The app outlines a workout program backed by research designed for those that suffer from back pain or those that would like to stretch and work out their backs to avoid any problems in the future. The yoga poses and exercises you will find in the app come highly recommended by prominent physiotherapists and are quite easy to complete. The workouts can be done anywhere and don’t require any equipment.

4. iREHAB Back Pain

The app is designed to promote the prevention and treatment of lower back pain specifically as it is felt in the moment: when you decide to use it, all you should do is answer some questions about the pain you are experiencing and offers you suitable workouts to treat it. The workouts are accompanied by a voiceover and you can view them from different angles to ensure that you understand exactly what is happening. It is free and compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

5. Back Trainer: 100+ Back Exercises & Workouts, Travel, Home, Office Personal Trainer Powered by Fitness Buddy

The exercises lean more towards workouts than pain treatment of physical therapy, but can still help you build a supple, strong back. The workouts come with animations, videos, and photos to help you perform them the right way, and you can select workouts the use your bodyweight only or those that involve minimal equipment such as resistant bands and dumbbells. The app logs your workouts and progress automatically as you go. It is free and compatible with the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

Other Apps for Back Pain

1. Backache

It is a great app to help you schedule small breaks from sitting for extended periods.

2. Clinical Pattern Recognition: Low Back Pain

The app comes at a relatively high price of $19.99. However, it provides several beneficial features. It can help identify pain patterns, offer recommendations for therapeutic workouts, and can suggest possible pain discomfort that could be responsible for the user’s discomfort.

3. eMTCP Music App

Music therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing chronic pain systems for a long time now. The eMTCP Music app lets you try this form of therapy from your phone directly, whether you are getting ready for bed or you are on your commute.

4. Back Pain Nerve Chart

The app is designed for use by chiropractors as well as their patients. It indicates which parts of the body are related to various parts of the spine. It helps to highlight connections between certain back pain and other possible symptoms. It can help explain why you are experiencing a particular symptom that is seemingly unrelated to spine issues or back pain. It also comes with a handy chiropractor appointment reminder and scheduler.

5. Pranayama Universal Breathing

Take a step back from your busy schedule to discover your Zen. Universal Breathing postulates that if you are able to focus on achieving slower and deeper breaths, you will be able to alleviate migraines, reduce stress, and even lift your energy. Select from 2 different courses where music and animations are your guide. Monitor your progress by reviewing your program history log.

6. Accupedo Pro

It is a pedometer app to help you stay motivated with your daily walks by tracking the number of steps you take.

Yoga for Back Pain

1. Yoga for Back Pain Relief

You can find a well-organized list of structure Yoga practice sessions which are designed to improve mobility and aid in flexibility for the body after long periods of work or exercise. Whether you are suffering from lower back pain or pain in the neck and shoulder having a set routine of yoga to improve the joint and muscle function can proffer no end of benefits.This app uses ayana, stretching and specific exercises taken from original Hatha Yoga practice that has been developed to keep the mind and body young and supple.

2. Down Dog

An impressive set of Yoga classes and training sessions that are updated daily.

3. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is an impressive instructional that will provide you with visual and verbal guides to improving your bodily functions including breathing. If you don’t like the music provided you can integrate all your favorite relaxation tracks from your own playlists. You will be able to study a wealth of over 200 different poses in and then integrate them into a specialized program made just for you. To save you time and frustration you can look over your program ahead of time and study the different ayana. This intuitive app can function perfectly on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

4. YOGAmazing

This app claims to educate people on how to introduce Yoga into the daily life. No matter if you are an intermediate or expert yoga practitioner, it will be easy for you to pick up on these lessons that are only a few minutes long. This app can be purchased through iTunes for $4.99 and allows an instant download to the device you use.

5. Yoga.com Studio

The producers of this app boast that over 7 million people across the globe are currently using this app everyday. If you are one of those who enjoy learning and working from an app that shows people performing the exercise you would learn, this is the best choice for you. This convenient app provides over 380 different poses and ayana that will allow you to master movement and breathing while working on your lower back pain. There is also a library of 37 programs that provide specialized results. You can also find additional support from their online site that contains articles, quizzes, and interesting facts from the Yoga community international.

6. Yoga Studio

Take your classes with you wherever you go and continue your practice at the pace you find most comfortable. You can select from a library of pre-set programs each with different intensities, purposes and lengths, you can even create your own library of specialized HD video classes. You can also work to master your personal yoga skills with an instructional library that can be studied at your leisure. You can also download your special studies to your mobile device so that you could study when away from the interwebs. The best part: if a particular pose is not your cup of tea, or not yet, you can swipe on past it.

7. Global Yoga Academy

Is the very best option for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners with classes of all lengths and intensities from 5 to 60 minutes. You will also find here a library that includes over 200 different poses. If you are feeling confused or unsure about your personal progress, you can also get online to connect with other yogis like yourself, the online community can be greatly helpful. This app take away all excuses to skip the session to day and is a good option for those serious about recovery. Downloadable content means you will be able to take your courses to the beach, park or next vacation ite with no problem.

8. 5 Minute Yoga

As the name describes, you can get a full yoga routine daily with only 5 minutes of your schedule. This fast efficient and multi-purpose workout, is the perfect option for beginners and those looking to gain some more experience. You will even use a timer to keep track of this well-appointed yoga routine planner. A simple routine like this one can be used for better functionality and mental fortitude to keep your edge as the day draws to an end. This may even help you avoid stress and anxiety that can keep you from hitting your optimal goals.

9. Daily Yoga

The Daily Yoga app encourages its users to make yoga a part of their daily routine for better health and fitness. The program found here is a good option for both beginners and advanced practitioners looking to improve their techniques. This app also provides specialized practice for specific fitness regimes to gain greater strength, mobility in the joints and muscles or even mastering the mental discipline of meditation. New workouts sessions are being uploaded regularly and if you don’t see what you need specifically now, just wait a week and there will be an update for you. The best part is the results you can find here a guaranteed.

10. Simply Yoga

If you are new to the yoga scene you may want to gain some experience before you make a spectacle of yourself at a yoga studio. Simply yoga is a good way to ease into your daily routine in the privacy of your home or office. You will find expert advice on what to do and how to properly do it for the best results. You will also find a variety of different routines that last 20, 40 and 60 minutes depending on the type of exercise you are looking for. If you have used the free version and want to move onto more challenging routines, the paid version makes a great sequel to your adventures in yoga.


Who knew that the smartphone that provides so many convenient opportunities can also be the thing that allows you to combat the pain of poor posture and modern life? An important thing to remember is that not all apps are the same and some may be better for your condition than others.

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