Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

It’s an extremely uncomfortable feeling to have back pain between the shoulder blades especially when it happens on an ongoing basis. Because of things such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, this type of chronic condition is on the rise. If you begin to experience pain between the shoulders on an ongoing basis, it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. In some cases, chronic pain between the shoulder blades indicates that you have bad postuer. But in more severe cases, it means … Read More

18 Gardening Tips To Reduce Your Back Pain

Summer may seem like it’s an unending battle between the weeds that are in your garden and you. That battle might quickly turn into a fight between back pain that is result from your yard work and you. Gardening might feel slow-paced and peaceful, however it gives your body quite the workout – particularly if you have been struggling with chronic pain. If you suffer from back pain the day after working in your garden it frequently can be due … Read More