About Us

I am Lucas. I was once a back pain sufferer, but that is all in the past. I am able to walk around now without feeling like it is the end of the world.

A few years back, pain prevented me from enjoying all of the things I adore. I’ve always had a love of sports. I loved swimming, playing football and running laps around the track. Two years ago I was in so much pain that playing was not an option for me.

I started doing research on back pain. I read website content, magazines, medical journals and anything else I could find. I took the time to determine which products did what they advertised and which were not worth the time or money. I fact-checked each point in order to pinpoint the best products out there.

After discovering all of the information I came across, I can honestly say that I am now doing all of the things I love without feeling any aches and pains after, well at least none that are atypical to the sports I play.

I created BestforBackPain.com to help others find relief without going to physical therapy or expensive medical treatments that are often hit or miss. The goal is to give you trustworthy, objective content that will assist you in your goal to find the best treatment for your back pain and all related issues.