Low Back Pain Relief: Lo-Bak TRAX Reviews & Contraindications (2021)

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A large portion of the people suffer from chronic lower back pain. Many people get used to living with the pain. However, this isn’t possible for a lot of people. If you cannot live with back pain, then treatment is necessary.

Lo-Bak TRAX is a medical device that has been FDA approved and it can be used to treat pain caused by herniated discs, spinal degenerative joint disease, muscle spasms, low back pain, spinal stenosis and sciatica. The Lo-Bak TRAX resembles bicycle handles and you grip the handles while you lay down. The leg rests go on your legs and then you take the bar and put it between your legs. After you do this, you gently apply pressure.

Dr. Roland F. Berthiaume developed the Lo-Bak TRAX, and he knows something about back pain because he has been practicing chiropractic care for over 20 years. The device will help you relax your muscles, take pressure off your spine and make you feel comfortable. It’s also designed to help improve muscle and overall recovery, which is another reason people love using it.

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? If so, you’re not alone and millions of people suffer from it. The Lo-Bak TRAX device is worth trying if you want effective relief from back pain.

Features of Lo-Bak Trax

This device may help you get the relief you’ve been seeking. It is an affordable product and it can be used to help you with various forms of lower back pain. Here are a few of the key features of the Lo-Bak Trax device.

1. It’s Easy To Use – The device is small but it is effective and you don’t have to use ropes or bands. You just need a surface to lay on and you need to learn how to use it properly. Once you know how to do this, you’ll be able to use the device to reduce pain in your lower back whenever you want.

The Lo-Bak Trax is not complicated to use, which is unlike those pulley systems that require you to hang upside down. There’s also no moving parts. However, if you use it on a cushioned surface, such as a bed, then the traction force won’t be as good as it should be.

2. Total Control – You have total control with the device because you will be holding it in your hands. The device will not place too much stress on your back and at any point in time you can stop it. By holding the device slightly differently, you will be able to target the areas you want to target, such as different areas of the lower back.

3. It’s Portable And Lightweight – The device doesn’t even weigh five points and it’s small. You can easily bring it with you while you’re on the go, and you can use it whenever you want. As long as you have a comfortable spot to rest, you can use the Lo-Bak Trax device anywhere and at anytime.

4. Durability – This device was designed to be durable and effective. It is built to last and it was made with steel, so you can rest assure it will not fall apart or break on you. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, which will give you peace of mind. If something happens to the device, then take advantage of the warranty.

5. FDA Approved – The FDA has cleared the Lo-Bak Trax for treating back pain, and the device was tested in a six week clinical trial. The FDA is known for being tough on products that may potentially cause more pain, but they have cleared this device for pains such as sciatica, herniated disc and stenosis. Sure, the device might not cure your pain, but it is one of the best ways to finally get relief for your lower back pain.

  • It’s portable and you’ll receive a DVD full of different exercises you can do with it.
  • It’s small and portable.
  • It offers you full control and it’s extremely durable.
  • It will not cure your back pain but it will help you get relief.
  • It will not work for every single person and if you’ve had knee replacement surgery, then it may be painful to use.
  • Also, it may not work as good as clinical treatment options.

What are Customers Saying About Lo-Bak Trax

There are many positive reviews about Lo-Bak Trax. Many people have mentioned how the device has helped them with their discomfort and pain and that they didn’t have to pay for physical therapy or make an appointment with a chiropractor. Some reviews have referenced the quality materials used to make the device.

Other customers have said they have noticed a major difference how much pain relief they have gotten with it. Others have said it has helped them improve their flexibility. Some customers have said their body became stronger as a result of using Lo-Bak Trax.

However, there are a few negative reviews that can be found on review sites, including Amazon. Although, it’s worth pointing out that these reviews didn’t really mention there were specific problems or issues with the device itself. The negative reviews revealed that the users didn’t get the results they were hoping to get when they used it.

Bear in mind that it is very rare that a product will treat back pain in every single person who uses it. In other words, Lo-Bak Trax probably doesn’t work with every single person, but many people have suggested it works better than other systems out there. If you suffer from lower back pain, then consider buying the Lo-Bak Trax device and try it out to see if it will work for you.

How Does the Lo-Bak TRAX Work?

The Lo-Bak TRAX is designed to alleviate pain in the lower back. This is accomplished with a special triangular design that allows the Lo-Bak TRAX to provide instant pain relief with minimal effort. This applies the principles of spinal decompression to address muscular spasms and strain in the lower back. Spinal traction actually helps to stretch the muscles and joints in this region and relieve some of the pressure that can accumulate.

While this may not actually take your pain away it can provide endless relief while waiting for the chiropractor to address your spinal conditions.

Warnings: Possible Lo-Bak Trax Side Effects

There are many different ways to treat pains in the lower back. Whether you choose to apply spinal decompression with a Lo-Bak TRAX, gravity boots or and inverted table — or even chiropractic treatment– there are some important caveats that you should be aware of. Spinal decompression has been found to relieve pain by relieving pressure in the region but can also aggravate some types of pain from certain conditions.

Those suffering from conditions including osteoporosis or cancer should refrain from this type of treatment as it can actually make the pain worse. If you have a chronic back pain of unknown origins you may want to get the opinion of a medical professional before assuming your spine is healthy enough for decompression.

By the same measure, if you are using a Lo-Bak TRAX you may also want to ease into the traction pressure you are applying to your back. This will reduce the chances of residual pain from use. You may notice a bit of discomfort for the first few times you use the Lo-Bak TRAX, but as you get more accustomed to the application of decompression, you will begin to relax easier and this pain will vanish. In the abdomen or weakness in the legs you will want to see a physician as well.

Lo-Bak TRAX Contraindications

•Bowel or bladder difficulties
•Ligamentous instability
•Inflammatory conditions of the spine
•Severe pain with coughing or sneezing
•Spinal cord tumor(s)
•Spinal fusion
•Primary or metastatic tumor(s)
•Recent spinal surgery
•Weakness or loss of strength in the arms or legs
•Unhealed spinal fracture
•Any condition where resistance exercise is contraindicated

How Much Does the Lo-Bak TRAX Cost?

You can purchase your Lo-Bak TRAX at Amazon.com. 

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If after purchasing the Lo-Bak TRAX you find that it does not suit you or you are not getting the pain relief you are searching for, you can return your purchase for the full price you paid (minus the costs of shipping). You will be responsible for the costs of shipping from the suppliers and for returning it as well. You will need to ship the product back to the suppliers in the original box with the DVD and instruction manuals. If parts are missing or damaged, they will return the medical device to you but will not refund the cost. You will not need to pay for the shipping this time.

How to Use Lo-Bak TRAX?

Step 1:

Lie Down on a bed or better yet a yoga mat on the floor which is a firm surface. This is a natural urge in response to back pains. Lying down relieves the pressure on the spine and begins the relief work.

Step 2:

Pull your feet up. You will bend your knees and bring your feet closer together near the buttocks. This will cause the curvature of your spine to begin flattening out. When in this position it is easier for the traction applied to affect the spine positively.

Step 3:

Push. The Lo-Bak TRAX is designed to sit snugly in your lower thighs and functions like a lever that apply the force necessary to traction the disc and relieve pressure on the spine.

Step 4:

Once the session has been completed, you will want to take a few deep breaths while lying in the same position. You will only need to remain in the position for about 2 minutes to avoid any spasms from rising quickly. The whole process from relaxation and setup to final breaths will only take about 10 minutes of your day each day. The best results are cumulative and will be experienced within a few days to a week of regular decompression.

For more information on proper use and care see the Lo-Bak TRAX DVD and instruction manual included in the Lo-Bak TRAX package.

Youtube: Lo-Bak TRAX  Instructional Video

Tips When Using The Lo-Bak Trax

Place it between your thighs, your lower thighs have the best leverage position for addressing your lower back so place it there snugly, it will only take the slightest pressure to feel the tug at your lower back as opposed to your hips, this will indicate proper positioning. The lower you go the better you will be able to apply more strategic pressure which will mean more efficiency in pain relief.

Keep the wrists aligned with the handlebars. You will want to avoid pushing upwards and keep your wrists aligned with handlebars and direction of the device. This will provide the best decompression and all your efforts should be directed toward the heels.

Find a comfortable place to do this exercise. The more comfortable you are the more you will be attentive of the position of your body and the somewhat subtle indications that you are applying the pressure correctly. This is also important because you want your muscles to be relaxed while applying decompression therapy as they will respond better. Be sure you are resting on a firm surface for plenty of support and getting your back in the proper position.


If you are one of the over 70 Million people on the planet who suffer from severe back pain, the Lo-Bak TRAX may be the very answer for you. There is evidence that proves decompression is a viable form of pain relief for those suffering from chronic back pain. This device is effective affordable and can be used just about anywhere you can find ten minutes for pain relief. While the price seems a bit steep for a piece of curiously shaped metal, it is the special design that adds worth to this product. When you consider the alternative, this is actually an effective and side-effect free way of addressing lower back pain.

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Lo-Bak TRAX Portable, Spinal Traction Easy, Comfortable & FDA Registered 510K Device#ad
  • Created by a practicing Chiropractor! The EASY and EFFECTIVE way to...
  • Lo-Bak TRAX INTRODUCES a different fundamental scientific technology...
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BACK PAIN and be free from pain, without the...
  • Lo-Bak TRAX is helpful in stretching multiple parts of your body! With...
  • EASY , COMFORTABLE and MORE EFFECTIVE because you can target Your...

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  1. I have fusion of L1 to L4, L5 was left out I never got better. Purchased this device but unsure if I can use it do to the fusions above L4 can someone help me with an answer, this pain is taking my life away.

  2. I just purchased this item today and used it this evening. Even after only one use you can feel the difference. My entire back is tight and muscle pain is common, this device helps with stretching muscles as well as spine traction. It comes with a helpful video on how to use it and shows several other stretches you can do. Awesome


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