Tennis Ball Massage Technique for Back Pain Relieve

Research has shown that back pains affect 8 out of every 10 people. Even though some of these back pains are common, there are those that are severe requiring even surgery. It is common knowledge that massages help reduce muscle tension, which provides relief for Sciatica (Lower Back Pain). Anyone can benefit from massage therapy. This is because it has the ability to relax muscle tissue as well as increasing body blood flow. This is true for those with chronic problems requiring frequent treatment from massage therapists or chiropractors.

It is a fact that those with chronic pain require more massage. However, frequent massage therapy is too expensive for many people to afford. The good news is that there is a cheaper option. If you cannot afford frequent massages, then you should consider using tennis balls. Moreover, these balls can be used almost anywhere.

Tennis balls are good because they are not stiff. They can penetrate areas of tightness through contact, pressure and rolling around the affected muscle tissue. With this DIY massage technique, you will need a couple of tennis balls, duct tape, and a floor. This should not take you more than 15 minutes every day.

The Idea behind Tennis Ball Massage

The idea of using tennis balls for massage purposes may sound silly; but it is a technique that has been proven to work effectively. Back in 2009, it was found that self-massage on acupuncture points in the muscle, helped relieve back pain by 28%. This finding was published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). This is the idea behind using tennis balls.

Tennis balls is used to apply specific pressure on acupuncture points of a muscle. In other words, it is used to apply pressure on an aching or stiff muscles. The idea is to trap tennis balls between your body and something else; which is mainly the floor or wall. You can generally be creative and use it in the bathtub and so on.

This will be like foam rolling, but less trendy and more precise. Well, they both have their uses. A tennis ball massage is mainly helpful when it comes to back and hip muscles. Place the tennis ball down on a surface that you can lie down and pinching it between your body and the surface. The aim is to use the ball to reach spots that you cannot simply get to using your hands.

How to Go about It?

Well, you can use one tennis ball or more tennis balls. It will all depend on your pain tolerance and the ability to balance.

Take two tennis balls next to each other and use as much duct tape to secure them. After you have completed; you will see that the contraption looks like a peanut. You may also use stockings as another option. In other words, put the two balls in a stocking and tie the stocking.

The next step is to lie on the tennis balls, while facing upwards. Do not forget to keep your knees bent. Keep the ball parallel to the waist. Also, have it centered just above your lower back (lumbar spine). You Make sure that you are not only comfortable, but balanced as well. After which, raise both arms and let your fingers point to the ceiling. In other words, make sure your hands are as straight as possible pointing to the ceiling.

Beginning with either arm, slowly lower it towards the head. Again, make sure the arms are straight. You can bend the neck backwards when moving your arms. Moved your arm backward towards the ground. Hold this position for a couple seconds, and then slowly bring it back to its original starting position.

Repeat the same action with the other arm. It is advisable to do this process four times for each arm.

At the same time, you can use one ball to relieve buttock, lower back, or sciatica pain. This process is a bit different from the above method. All you have to do is place the ball under your buttocks, back, or upper thigh while lying down on the floor.

Gently move yourself around to find sore muscle groups. The moment you locate a tender spot; you should then focus on that area. Do not forget to press that area, but do not overdo it.

Do not roll the ball directly over the spine. It is important to understand and pay attention to different types of pain. Remember, pains that are associated with your back may include; dull aches, sharp pains, pins and needles. If you feel sudden pain or a sharp one; it is wise to stop right away.

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The Summary

It is wise to seek consultation with your doctor, before beginning a tennis ball therapy program. Remember, physical therapists do recommend using tennis balls. However, your condition may restrict you. A person should have enough mobility to lay down on the ball as well as getting up.

Massage is just but one of the many ways of seeking back pain relieve. Do not forget that exercise is also an important aspect when it comes to relieving back pains. Tennis ball therapy can be a component that adds value to your medication or exercise programs.

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