Top 5 Best Back Supports (Lumbar Supports) for Back Pain Relief with Buyer’s Guide 2018:Best Lumbar Back Support Cushions for Cars and Office Chairs

Were you aware that musculoskeletal pain is experienced by 89% of individuals who work in an office setting, especially in their lower back.

Most people´s jobs require that they remain seated over long periods of time. With the prevalence of the computer and the internet, the amount of time that we remain seated has increased even more.

That being said, lumbar spine pain is most definitely not experienced only by those who work in an office.

Part of the problem lies in that the lifestyle of this day and age often includes ample amount of time spent sitting – on the commute to work and from work, at work, on the computer at home or watching the TV, at the children’s´ soccer games, etc. And it is when we are in this sitting position that we tend to develop poor postural habits – slouching in the chair, hunching over, etc.

The prolonged amounts of time that we are required to remain seated can cause strain on the back muscles, this can lead to quite a lot of pain. Therefore, in order to guarantee that you do not subject your back to continuous strain and stress, what you need is a lumbar cushion.

Not only are these back support pillows great for office chairs, that are also good for dining chairs, hanging out on the couch, driving, etc. On top of that, they are portable, meaning that wherever you go, you can take them along with you.

Benefits of Lumbar Cushions 

1. Offers Proper Alignment

When we sit in a seat, we are placed into the position that the make of the chair is providing. Generally it is not the ideal sitting posture.

2. Eases Pressure

If your lumbar region is not properly supported, you may be placing pressure on your back unnecessarily. With the use of a lumbar support, you are able to ease some of that pressure by providing a surface that s soft yet stable for your lower back to rest.

3. Relieve Pain and Tightness

Not only does rounding your back give you poor posture, it can also place your lumbar region in a position that is very vulnerable. With a rounded back, you are much more likely to sustain an ache that is long-term. You can avoid this problem with the use of a lumbar support.

What is the Best Lumbar Support?

When it comes to lumbar support, there are ample options available on the market. That being said, there are certain factors you must take into consideration to guarantee that you choose the best option for you.

The design of the cushion is the best thing you should focus on. Look for an exquisitely designed option that will offer lumbar support. These pillows will have a curved design to guarantee that they provide the correct support.

The second important factor to take into consideration is the material of the cushion. Generally the available option are made out of memory foam which offers a personalized support. Make sure you also focus on the external material. Choose something that is comfortable and breathable.

Will the Purchase be Expensive?

It really will depend on the type of lumbar support cushion you purchase. For a lumbar cushion, the general range is somewhere between $25 – $50. However supports which are made with memory foam are usually on the more expensive side, while mesh or regular foam will not cost as much.

Keep in mind however that when it comes to your back, cheaper is not necessarily better. A lumbar support which does not help to place the lower back in the proper alignment can actually cause you even more pain. You want to guarantee that you buy a quality product which is actually going to help your problem, not worsen it.

Comparison Table

What to take into consideration when purchasing a quality lumbar support for your back ? There are some important insights you may be interested in knowing so that you will not come to regret purchasing a product. Below are some factors you should take into consideration when you are in the market for a cushion support. These will include the design of the pillow, the price, the material used for the pillow, as well as durability and other factors.


Best Budget
Lumbar Support

Editors’ Choice
Best Seller
Editors’ Choice
Professional’s Choice
Excellent Product Excellent Product
Name Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion, Lower Back Support Pillow With Wooden Lumbar Support Board and Alignment Strap LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion With 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief Relaxzen 60-2890 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat for Lower Back Ziraki Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion, 5 in 1 – New Feature No Sweat Cooling Gel Pad The Original McKenzie® Super Roll by OPTP (708)
Rating 4.3 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.1
Price $ $$ $$ $$ $$
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It is highly recommended that you read the buyer’s guide provided at the end of the article.

Reviews of the Best Lumbar Supports for Bad Backs

Lumbar Support #1: Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac Lumbar Cushion–Best Budget Lumbar Support

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Click Here for Current Price & More Details

The Relax-a-Back Lumbar cushion includes an ergonomic design which helps to maintain your spine’s proper alignment. There are four different colors it is available in; black, navy, gray, and burgundy, all at a bargain price, the Duro-Med is the ideal foam back support for anyone suffering from back pain. The cushion is durable and machine washable, offering support that is dependable for many years to come.

It is the ideal pillow for travelling and provides instant comfort, regardless of where you are. You can use it not only in the office but also in the living room, in your car or even for a wheelchair, basically anywhere! Simply place the cushion on your chairs base and to secure its position, attach the elastic strap. Buying Duro-Med´s Relax-a-Bac Cushion is an affordable and effective way to reduce your lumbar pain.

– Affordable
– Ease pain in the back from an injury or arthritis
– Designed to prevent slouching
– Retains its shape
– Washable cover
– The cushion´s quality may not be as great as other products that are more expensive.
– The most common complaint associated with it is due to its physical dimensions. This is why it is important to guarantee that the cushion is the perfect size for you and your chair.

Lumbar Support #2: Love Home Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion–Best Seller

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The Love Home Lumbar Support Cushion with Memory Foam is a lumbar cushion that is relatively standard. Its contoured shape will snugly fit around the lower back, the cushion helps to improve posture and by doing so, helps to promote long-term health benefits.

It is made with memory foam material which naturally molds against the lower back, reducing the strain applied on the back and guaranteeing maximum comfort. And due to its integrated strapping system, the cushion remains secured in its position. On top of that, the covering is 3D mesh providing sufficient ventilation which prevents sweat from seeping on back into your shirt. It is easy to clean – all you have to do is unzip the covering, remove it, and wash it.

If what you want is classic, and long lasting lumbar support, the Love Home Lumbar Support Cushion with Memory Foam may be the perfect choice for you.

– The Love Home Lumbar Support Cushion with Memory Foam is one of the most popular memory foam cushions on the market.
– The cushion includes straps that are durable and easy to adjust.
– The design of the support makes it perfect for car seats and desk chairs.
– The cushion may not fit all chair types perfectly
– For those over six feet tall, the Love Home Lumbar Support Cushion with Memory Foam may be too small
– There were users who complained of an odor of “plastic” coming from the cushion

Lumbar Support #3: Relaxzen Shiatsu Massage Cushion–Professional’s Choice

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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By Comfort Products comes the Relaxen Shiatsu Massage Cushion for lumbar supports which is soothing and multi-functional. Other than supporting the lower back, the cushion also includes a heat therapy feature as well as four shiatsu massage balls The settings for massage and heat offer major benefits for those struggling with muscle strain and tension along the spine. Even though it offers many features, the Relaxen Shiatsu Massage Cushion is still lightweight and easily portable, this makes it ideal for use at home and in the office.

– Both heat and massage therapy is offered by the Relaxen Shiatsu Massage Cushion at a price that is reasonable.
– Although used generally for lumbar support, you can also use the cushion to relieve tension in the buttocks and thighs.
– Comfort Products stand behind their one year product warranty for the cushion.
– When at rest, discomfort can be caused by the shiatsu massage balls.
– Some users found the heat and massage settings to be either too weak or too strong.

Lumbar Support #4: Sayl ZIRAKI 5 in 1 cushion–No Sweat Cooling Gel Pad

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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The Sayl ZIRAKI 5 in 1 Cushion is a memory foam lumbar support pillow which can be used in an office or car, with the use of a gel cooling pad it incorporates cooling technology into a device that is portable.

– Two removable covers that are machine washable in black or gray colors.
– Your lower back is kept cool with the gel cooling pad, ideal for times when you must be seated over a long time period, for example a hot trip in a car.
– A design that is small, only 13 x 13 inches making it a better fit for small users.
– Includes adjustable straps as well as an optional travel bag.
– The memory foam featured in this product is quite firm. There were users that found it to be uncomfortable and harder than expected.
– For users that are taller or larger, this cushion may not be big enough.
– Users that are larger may find that as time goes by, the cushion will start to compress and lose its shape.

Lumbar Support #5: Original McKenzie® Super Rol–Travel friendly

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

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The Original McKenzie® Super Roll Travel Friendly was designed based off of the findings of Robin McKenzie, the world renowned physical therapist and herniated disc pain specialist. The lumbar roll is able to be used with any backed chair, and even in bed. The back pillow will properly fit between your mattress and you providing you with needed lumbar support in any sleeping position.

– High quality polyester fabric is used to provide great comfort
– Lumbar support that is low-profile and discreet with a beveled design
– Elastic strap that is adjustable and able to be attached to the back of a chair
– Travel friendly
– Resilient foam that provides optimal support
– May be too big for smaller users, for example the elderly or small women

How To Choose Premium Lumbar Support

Filling — the support you are looking for the lumbar is not the same softness you seek in a bedtime pillow. This means they must offer firm support rather than softly sinking in and allowing your lower back to become even more sore. Memory foam is a good option as this keeps the support firm yet soft and comfortable. Adjustable straps can add some staying power but only if they are wide and stable.

Material— lumbar support cushions can be covered with a wide variety of fabrics that suit any taste. Many brands offer a color selection that can be matched to the chair or interior color of the car or office. Pick what suits you the best.

Use— the lumbar cushion you select for your car will not be the same as the one you choose for your office. If you will be taking your cushion with you on the job or through the daily commute, you will need a versatile design that can go well with anything.

Shape — the best shape will fit into your lumbar and give plenty of slouch-protection and comfortable support. There are pillow shaped cushions and then the wedge-shaped variety, these are especially good for keep posture in traffic. Some of the better options are even heated for extra pain relief.

Features— most options are pretty basic. Others feature special ergonomic designs or even heating elements that can keep the pain low. Be sure you select the best options for your back pain, if not you will only be getting half the experience.

Tips for Using

  • Lumbar pillows or cushions are designed for supporting the lower back.
  • For expecting mothers, ask your doctor about the changes that affect the lower body during pregnancy and what you can do to lower the discomfort.
  • Keep the outer cover clean and fresh as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Straps will rarely fit around larger furniture and chairs. But with seats that are covered in fabric like car chairs, you really don’t need them anyway.

Where to Use Lumbar Supports

That’s an easy one, you will use your lumbar support wherever you can when sitting or lying down. On the bed when you are reading or watching TV or even checking messages on your mobile device. They can also be placed in a car or truck for trips of any length that can be done a little faster. They add an element of comfort to the rigors of office work. People confined to wheelchairs will find the extra support makes the ordeal all the easier and is an important part of staying healthy.


Make sure you are well-informed about your condition. spinal pain can be a source of serious discomfort and poor bodily function. IF you are getting a lumbar support pillow to deal with chronic pain considering discussing your symptoms with a qualified doctor. Perhaps you can get some recommendations for a specific lumbar pillow that will treat your condition and possibly improve it.

Take action

Lumbar support can be a great relief to those stuck behind a desk or wedged into a car cab for many hours on end. But the pillow or cushion are not enough. To truly improve the condition of lower back pain it is necessary to change one’s lifestyle, including sitting straight and walking upright. Regular exercise is not only essential to good health, but can also make your muscles stronger making sitting up a more bearable task.

Editors’ Choice
Best Seller

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion With 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion With 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief
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