Top 5 Best Office Standing Desks for Back and Neck Pain with Buyer’s Guide 2018: Standing Desks Comparison Reviews & Comsumer Reports

The main reason that I made the decision to change over to standing desks was to find a solution to my pain. Since graduating from college, I have suffered from back pain which is accompanied by the typical confederates of hip, shoulder and neck pain, which have become a normal part of my daily life. Similar to many other people who have sedentary jobs which are associated with sitting for the majority of my day, this caused me excruciating pain in my back that carried on even when I had stopped sitting. One of the worst parts is that after many years of having to sit all day, this chronic pain became even worse that it even carried on when I tried to sleep at night which resulted in insomnia for a number of years now.

In addition, in a large study conducted with more than 100,000 individuals has discovered that people that are in a sitting position for more than 6 hours daily presented a 40% increased risk in association to dying within the following 15 years compared to people who only sit for under 4 hours in a day. The majority of people are not aware that computer workstations that are badly designed along with poor work habits have the potential to lead to serious and dangerous health issues.

The Benefits of Office Standing Desks

Since setting up my iMac on my choice in a standing-desk, vindication was just about instant. In as little as 7 days, the pain in my back, neck and hips began to recede. In about a month, I have just about forgotten about my pain and today the pain has just about disappeared.

There are a host of good reasons as to why the standing desk option is fantastic to combat back pain. To begin with, these desks mean you are standing while you conduct your daily tasks. This reason on its own is already associated with and extensive array of noteworthy health benefits that include:

•Fighting sitting disease- this reawakens physiological processes which are turned off from sitting for too long

•Decrease pain- people that move around and stand regularly are far less susceptible to lower back pain or other types of pains and aches in the body

•Weight loss- this may not be one of the top ways in which to shed pounds, but you are able to burn off a lot more calories when you are standing compared to sitting

•Improve bone and muscle health- the act of standing throughout the day helps to prevent the bones and muscles from atrophying as well as adapting to your chair’s shape

•Work smarter- the act of standing is proven to improve alertness, concentration and engagement, which results in increased productivity

A recent study conducted on 23 office workers of different body masses and ages involved the use of a sit-stand desk which alternated between standing and sitting through a typical work day of 8 hours. This study discovered that these participants stated that they experienced a 31.8% decrease in back pain with the standing desk when compared to having to sit for the whole work day. One study which was conducted by Cornell produced reports that 82% of these participants preferred making use of adjustable stand-up desks because of the decrease in muscle and joint pain as well as a significant increase in regards to productivity.

However, the opposition soon came to the party, with citations of the dangers associated with standing for too long. This included to risks associated varicose veins, foot and back issues along with cankles. After a discussion with Dr. Lucas, Carr who is an expert in sedentary behaviors and physical-activity promotion stated that “The research shows prolonged bouts of sitting and standing can result in negative health consequences.” But he goes onto say “but I don’t think we should demonize either based on this research.” Just about all experts in this field suggest that movements that involve combinations of standing and sitting throughout the working day are best. Dr. Carr also states that “a sit-to-stand desk is a solution for those who will use them.”

Characteristics of Good Office Standing Desks

Good standing desks designed for pain in the back should feature ergonomic designs. This means that the top part of the monitor must be either just below or at eye level and the head should not be angled down. The eyes must be between 20 to 28 inches away from the monitor screen. The upper part of the arms should be kept in close to the body, the wrists straight and the hands just below or at wrist level. The height of the table of the standing desk needs to be just below or at elbow height which should make a 90 degree angle with the elbow. The torso, neck and head need to be in-line while the mouse and keyboard needs to be at this same level.

Comparison Table

Everyone will have different requirements, and this is reason that we have conducted an all-inclusive search on the ideal solutions that we can recommend through this guide. We have selected 5 of the best options and here we will discuss their features and how they are able to assist with back pain. You may be surprised that you can purchase standing desks for around $160 and many others for below $600. Here is the list of our favorites.

In our guide, we rounded up the top five best office standing desk for people who struggle with back pain. Our rankings were based upon a side-by-side comparison of these five products, noting the following characteristics:
– Ergonomic design
– Material
– Adjustability
– Your investment
– Reviews from consumers


Best Budget
Office Standing Desk

Editors’ Choice
Best Seller
Editors’ Choice
Professional’s Choice
Excellent Product Excellent Product
Name Well Desk Adjustable Standing Desk VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk ApexDesk Elite Series 71 Inch Wide Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk FlexiSpot 35″ Wide Platform Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk
Rating 4.0 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.1
Price $$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
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It is highly recommended that you read the buyer’s guide provided at the end of the article.

Reviews of the Best Office Standing Desks for Bad Backs

Desk #1: Well Desk Adjustable Standing Desk–Affordable Standing Desk For The Beginners

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Click Here for Current Price & More Details

The top recommendation we can make for the buyers who are in search of an affordable option is from Well Desk. This is a budget friendly choice in standing desks designed for pain in the back.

The Well Desk is one of those unique solutions which transform the standard desk into your very own standing desk and the all-wood construction is what makes it stand out immediately. If you are one of those people who prefer wood over metal or plastic, the Well Desk may be the right choice for you.

This desk is different from the majority of the standing desks that move up-and-down, the Well Desk features 2 moveable shelves. The monitor-stand will slot into 1 of 3 levels, and the mouse and keyboard tray has 5 different positions. This desk is made up of 3 pieces and each slots into the other without having to use tools or glue. Well Desk suggests that this model can be used with comfort by any person from 5′ to 6’3 in height.

– Inexpensive
– Easy to set up
– Portable
– Easy-to-use
– Durable and sturdy
– Is only able to support 1 monitor at a time
– You need to take the desk apart in order to make adjustments

Desk #2:VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk–Best Seller

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The Varidesk Pro Plus will not require any clamping or mounting to the desk. All that is needed is to take it out of the box, assemble it and place it on-top on your existing desk. The Varidesk Pro comes with a separated keyboard tray which means you can position your laptop at the height you find comfortable in association with your neck and eyes. You can also position your mouse and keyboard at the height that is comfortable for your arms and wrists.

This desk is ideal for the multiple-monitor users. This Pro Plus 36 has been designed with a bigger working space which is suitable for placing 2 monitors side by side along with separate shelf dedicated to your mouse and keyboard. Varidesk models feature their own unique “patented” spring-loading elevating-system that can raise up to a weight of 35lbs with ease within as little as 3 seconds. With this function, you are able to focus easily on work when you stand or sit without losing out on your concentration.

– Adjustable in height to 11 positions which adds ergonomic comfort
– Comes fully assembled
– Accommodates bigger workspaces
– Can hold a weight of 35 pounds
– Heavy

Desk #3: ApexDesk Elite Series 71 Inch Wide Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk–Professional’s Choice

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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If you do not have a table or a desk to position adjustable desks onto, the ApexDesk is an all-in-one standing desk that is adjustable which may be the solution you need. The desk is 71 inches in width, which means it has more than enough space to hold all those office materials and you can adjust the desk to a standing or sitting desk with a simple touch of one button. You can adjust the height from 24 inches to 50 inches and this desk moves at 1.3 inches every second. These desks features a 235 lbs loading capacity and is still very sturdy at a fully extended position. Constructed out of MDF core which is scratch resistant, this desk has been designed to really last. You can choose from various colors in order to compliment your existing office settings.

– Various colors to choose from
– The top part is scratch-resistant
– All-in-one adjustable desk
– You can adjust the heights with one push of a button
– The desk will need to be connected to an electrical outlet in order to adjust your height positions
– Does not come with dual shelves
– Assembly is required

Desk #4: FlexiSpot 35″ Wide Platform–Excellent Product

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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The FlexiSpot M2will feel sturdy at any height as well as when you make adjustments. It is suggested that this is by far an outstanding value when compared to other types of standing-desk convertors. Overall this model is an extremely stable product. When you are in seated positions, there are just about no back or front movement. There is also no keyboard bounce, which means no monitor shakes.

There are virtually no changes in the stability of the desk when going from standing to sitting or the other way around. There may be more side-to-side movements but you won’t notice any monitor shakes or keyboard bounce.

– Big Task Space
– Great Stability
– Easy-To-Use
– Slippery Platform
– Lacking in Dual Ergonomics

Desk #5: Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk–Excellent Product


Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

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If you are concerned about your current health, the 60″ crank-adjustable stand desk from the Stand-Up Desk Store offers new specs in regards to customers for either standing or sitting. You are now able to adjust a work-table from a height of 28.9 inches to 42.6 inches on the lower layer and 33.5 inches to 47.3 inches on the upper-layer.

This stand-up desk also features 2 shelves which are dedicated to a monitor screen for the upper surface. The lower surface is designed for the mouse and keyboard. This crank-adjustable standing desk is recognized for the “two tiered” shelf system dedicated to solitary working spaces. The frames have been painted with a gray and silver powder coat which means this is the type of desk you can use for many years to come.

– Easy To Adjust
– Easy-To-Assemble
– Made out of very high-quality materials
– Heavy

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Right Office Standing Desk To Alleviate Back Pain

Think about your body

Research supports that extensive periods of sitting can lead to increased risks of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and even early death. Using a standing desk is one way to avoid these increased risks, and to reduce or eliminate back pain. Most standing desk users experience improved productivity, emotional states, and energy levels. Additionally, as you’ll burn more calories by standing at your desk rather than sitting, you’ll likely lose weight too.

Think about your specific symptoms

Start by examining your priorities to ensure that you make the right purchasing decision. Are you most interested in a standing desk converter as a means of increasing the height of your current desk, or are you more interested in starting over with an entirely new, fully-adjustable standing desk? What style of desk works best in your office space? Also explore the available features to decide which are most important to you to have prior to your purchase, and examine your budget to determine what you are willing to spend.

Pros And Cons Of Adjustable Height Desks


An adjustable standing desk gives you the ability to customize your work area to match your height and reach requirements. It raises and lowers at will, allowing you the flexibility of choosing to alternate between standing and sitting as you please. They are available in both electric and manual models, and both models are typically designed well enough that you can raise or lower your desk without the need to remove anything from your desk top, for example your hot cup of coffee.


The most obvious con is the price. High-quality adjustable height desks tend to be quite costly, though there are some less expensive options that have been developed as this type of desk has grown in popularity. Depending on the quality of your desk, manual cranks can become difficult to operate, and their action may not be as smooth as desired. Lower-quality electric models have their problems as well. They tend to move in slow increments, or move in a jerky motion, both of which are undesirable in an adjustable height desk.

Pros And Cons Of Standing Desk Converters


The most obvious pro is that you get to keep the desk that you’ve already grown to love. They are also usually less expensive than adjustable height desks, which makes them more desirable to those on a budget. The fact that it is a fairly inexpensive options allows you the opportunity to test out the concept of standing while you work, prior to fully committing.


You’ll need to check closely to ensure that there will be enough surface space for all of your gadgets, particularly if you use dual monitors, an inbox, or a charging station. You’ll also need to have a good understanding of how the standing desk converter attaches to your current desk. Some lower-quality converters could use fasteners that could damage the surface of your desk. If you have a particularly nice desk, it may be worth spending the extra money to choose a high-quality converter with both style and function.

Consider your budget

Standing office desks range in price from a low of around $20, to in excess of $1000. It is highly recommendable to plan to spend at least $150 to ensure that you purchase one of good quality, especially if you suffer from back pain. Desks priced under $100 are typically bare-bones models with poor engineering and ergonomics, and are often made of substandard materials.

The opposite is true of the more expensive models. The more costly, the more you can expect in terms of engineering, ergonomics, and quality materials. They are generally better designed, and provide more ergonomically-inspired features.

One thing not to overlook as you consider how much money to spend is that a high-quality standing office desk can actually save you money that you would have spent on medical bills or physical therapy. A desk that costs several hundred dollars doesn’t look quite as expensive when you consider the potential of saving thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Factors To Consider When Making Your Purchase

Height AdjustableDepth Of The DeskQuality Of Desktop MaterialsWeight Capacity Of The DesktopCrank, Pneumatic, or Electric Adjustment
This is the most important factor to consider when you are ready to make a purchasing decision. An adjustable height desk allows the flexibility for accommodating all your health and work needs. The minimum and maximum adjustments can range considerably between brands, which can be anywhere from 22″ to more than 50″. You should use a desk height calculator to determine the desk height that is the best match for you.

Another important consideration is the desk depth. This refers specifically to the measurement from the back to the front of the desktop, as you face the desk. High-quality desks typically provide at least 30″ to ensure adequate comfort. Smaller desktops cause the monitor to be positioned too close to the user, presenting difficulties for meeting the user’s visual capabilities and preferences.

Manufacturers use a wide range of materials for desktop construction, the most common of which is laminate, covered with a veneer. Some of the other options that are available are solid wood, wood composite, and metal. Most of the desk frames are built from metal, though some brands offer aluminum frames as a lighter option. Other factors to consider are the types of finishes and colors of the frame.

It’s very important to consider the weight capacity of the desktop, especially if the ability to keep heavy objects on the desktop is important to you. Select a model that offers a weight capacity surpassing your expected needs to ensure that you are choosing the one that will provide the strength and reliability to meet any future needs.

For obvious reasons, electric and pneumatic models are the most recommended and desired. They are the easiest to operate, allowing you to adjust your desk in seconds. Crank adjustments are also good, but it takes more work to get them properly adjusted.

Tips For Using An Adjustable Height Desk

Once your desk has been adjusted to standing mode, it’s advisable to double-check that your monitor or computer is positioned at your eye level, and that your mouse and keyboard are at a comfortable height to allow your arms to come to rest parallel to the ground. This is your optimal setup.

Dr. Hidde van der Ploeg, an occupational health expert, recommends that you alternate between standing, sitting, and moving around your office throughout your work day. While acknowledging that sitting too much is potentially harmful to your health, he insists that standing for long periods is not healthy either. Finding a comfortable balance should be the goal.

Ensuring The Best Posture While Using A Standing Desk

Keep your arms at as close to a 90 degree angle as possible, and your wrists in a neutral position. Position your computer directly in front of you, at eye level, 20″-28″ away from your eyes. Position your screen at a 20 degree tilt. Keep your knees bent slightly, and shift your weight from one leg to the other occasionally. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes. It’s highly recommended to use an anti-fatigue mat.

Standing Desk Mat

You’ll need to use a standing desk mat to relieve pressure on your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet, and to provide the additional support that you’ll need to remain on your feet for long periods of time. One of the best mats is the Ergodriven Topo mat. It provides a great deal of comfort beneath your feet, and its multiple surfaces and densities provide ways to re-position fidgety feet. It’s also easy to slide under the desk with the use of just one foot.


Final Words

The market for office standing desks is so saturated that it makes it difficult to decide which desk is the best for alleviating back pain. Lists like this one can help you to make a buying decision that you won’t regret. This list was compiled with the needs of the customer in mind, allowing them to have all the facts as they decide how much they want to spend on a standing desk.

Our hope is that our list will help take some of the guess work out of your purchase decision. It’s important to remember that every model is built to meet the needs of different customers, so it’s a matter of matching up your needs to the qualities of the model that you choose. We’ve included desks that are appropriate for budget-oriented customers as well as those that are able to spend more to ensure they are buying a standing desk that meets their needs.

The decision to buy either a standing desk converter, or a fully-adjustable standing desk is a decision that will improve your health by reducing the time that you spend sitting in your office.

Take action

Discover the wonders that a standing desk can do for your health. Consider your budget, compare warranties, and read through customer reviews. And remember, a standing desk is just the start of better health. Change your posture throughout the day, and walk around every 20 to 30 minutes to keep yourself from becoming stiff.

Editors’ Choice
Best Seller

VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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1. Warren TY, Sedentary behaviors increase risk of cardiovascular disease mortality in men. Pubmed, MAY, 2010
2. Melissa Healy, Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health, Latimes, January 19, 2015

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