Wii Fit Yoga – A Fun Way to Manage Your Back Pain

Benefits of Yoga

There are many studies which confirm that yoga is helpful in managing back pain. The poses used in yoga help strengthen the muscles and are especially helpful in gaining and maintaining a strong core. Yoga poses also help you stretch which helps with flexibility. For those individuals who have back pain with no spinal damage, their pain is likely caused by some type of soft tissue injury. Strengthening and stretching the back muscles are an important part of any treatment plan to help deal with this type of back pain. One great way to do this stretching and strengthening is through Wii yoga. This is a video fitness system that may be used right in your home.

A Research on Wii Yoga

A recent study on the benefits of Wii yoga was conducted by South Korean researchers. The 30 study participants each had some form of chronic back pain. These participants were divided randomly into two groups – a Wii yoga group and a control group. The Wii yoga group performed Will yoga for 30 minutes daily. The control group performed trunk stabilization exercises to strengthen the core for 30 minutes daily. Each group did their assigned exercises three days a week for four weeks.

Study researchers looked at several outcome factors. These included disability, fear avoidance, and pain scores. The researchers discovered that the members of the Wii yoga group experienced marked improvement in these measurements while those in the control group saw less improvement in their scores. The sample size in this study was very small and the study was not double-blinded, so there was a possibility of random researcher/participant bias. Still, the findings do indicate that a person who is experiencing non-specific back pain with no diagnosed spinal condition may benefit from Wii yoga to manage their pain.

Wii Fit

Since using Wii yoga requires a video game system, this may not be a good option for everyone. However, for those who own a Wii system, adding the Wii Fit module may be helpful in managing back pain. This system includes a Wii Fit balance board which senses your weight and how it is distributed. You stand on the balance board to perform yoga and it helps you maintain proper form. It may also be used as a fitness and weight tracking device.

There are four categories of Wii Fit games: Yoga, aerobics, muscle training or strength training, and balance games. As you perform more games, the system unlocks new games. It is possible to find the balance board, game, and fitness tracker for around $20 which makes this system a great investment if you want to keep moving and improve your balance and strengthen your muscles. If you don’t own a Wii and can’t afford to purchase one, consider playing any other video games you own standing up. It is not healthy to sit all day, so stand up and play.

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Video games and technology play a significant role in modern society. Using this technology and the video games to help promote a healthier lifestyle is important. Many of us just don’t have time for exercise as we struggle to juggle childcare and the activities of daily living. Using Wii yoga is a relatively inexpensive and effective way to fit in some exercise without having to attend a class or visit a fitness center. As long as you are cleared to exercise by your healthcare provider and have a Wii, you can begin managing your back pain.


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