Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

It’s an extremely uncomfortable feeling to have back pain between the shoulder blades especially when it happens on an ongoing basis. Because of things such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, this type of chronic condition is on the rise. If you begin to experience pain between the shoulders on an ongoing basis, it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored.

In some cases, chronic pain between the shoulder blades indicates that you have bad postuer. But in more severe cases, it means that you have a spinal issue or some type of illness. Those of you that are suffering this as a chronic condition will be glad to discover the potential causes and symptoms as well as effective treatments for this condition.

Common Symptoms of Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Some sufferers report having sharp, short bursts of pain and some have a constant pain that can remain for a few days or even a few weeks. In worst case scenarios the pain continues going on for months. There are those that have pain that starts between the shoulder blades and over time spreads into their arms and even into the back. There are many who suffer a dull moderate pain that stays for days without any relief. Anytime the pain comes and does not soon go away, it might indicate a more serious condition. If you are unsure, you should get the advice of a healthcare professional.

Common Causes of Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Bad Posture:

Bad posture is among one of the most common of all the causes of this type of pain. Whenever you are hunched over for a long period of time in a standing or sitting position, this puts an unusual amount of pressure on the muscles in your neck. Your head should always be upright and if it’s not, then the awkward position causes neck muscles to work in ways that they are not comfortable. In this case, the muscles have become irritated or inflamed and this is the root cause of the pain.

Begin to be more aware of your posture at all times. As you become aware and find yourself poised in a way that is less than ideal, then immediately put yourself in a position that is good posture. If you sit a lot, get a good chair that promotes good posture. Those who are suffering from chronic pain because of poor posture will be able to correct it by returning to maintaining proper posture along with appropriate exercises to strengthen the muscles that have been in pain.

Herniated Disc:

If you develop herniated disc it is most commonly known to cause pain in the lower back but not always. Certain types of herniated disc will cause pain in the upper back and it may be felt as though it’s between the shoulder blades.

Heart Attack:

It is likely surprising to most but a heart attack can also lead to pain experience between the shoulders. Women especially are prone to this happening after a heart attack. The pain of a heart attack will usually start in the chest and then go out from there into the shoulder and down the arm and eventually to the area in-between the shoulder blades.

If pain between the shoulder blades is unexplained then it shouldn’t be ignored and you should seek professional advice. It is tempting to put off going to the doctor but you shouldn’t. Once the doctor rules out any serious illness or condition then there are many home remedies and natural cures that can be used to alleviate the pain.

Spinal Stenosis:

When the spinal cord becomes very narrow it’s a condition known as spinal stenosis. When someone develops this condition they will inevitably develop numbness in the area where there’s a problem and this can spread out through the body. Often if this condition worsens it will require surgery to correct. There is really no way of knowing if you have this with-out going in for a doctors appointment.


Osteoarthritis is another condition that can cause this type of pain. Usually, when the cause is this condition, the pain will be suffered mostly in the mornings and evening times. Because this condition causes pain in the mornings and evenings some people believe that it’s just that they slept the wrong way or something similar. But anytime pain such as this persist, you should get a professional to look at it.

There are some extremely serious conditions such as myocardial infarctions and dissecting aortic aneurysms that also cause this type of pain. Additionally, there are pulmonary emboli and Marfan’s syndrome and all of these are very serious and should you suspect that these are the cause of your pain, you should get immediate attention.

It is important to understand that pain in the shoulder blades does often mean a serious condition may exist. So if you don’t know what’s causing the pain you should find out about it. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or healthcare professional and discuss the matter.

Treatments and Home Remedies for Shoulder Blade Pain Relief

For anyone who knows that it’s not one of the more serious conditions but instead due to other factors such as posture, nutrition, lack of exercise and others, can look for highly effective home remedies and natural cures.


Very often heat helps relieve muscle pain so if you’re experiencing pain you can try a warm towel, a warm compress, or some type of heating bag. Stretching similar to the way your cat does can also bring relief to shoulder pain.

Improve Your Posture:

As mentioned earlier, posture is always going to be something that you want to pay attention to. If you typically have bad posture than you’ll need to begin to train yourself to hold a more appropriate and proper posture. It is important that you become aware of your posture at all times.

Sleep Well:

There are many people who fail to get enough sleep in today’s busy world. A lack of sleep is one of the contributing factors to this type of chronic pain. Once you notice that the pain has returned then try getting a really good night’s sleep and then see if that helps to improve the condition. If so, then you know that your pain is in some way linked to you’re getting too little sleep.

Change Your Mattress:

If you feel that your mattress might be the problem then change it. There are many mattresses that are just too soft or they have worn down over time into a form that is bad for the back and shoulders. Replacing your mattress with a new and firmer one can do wonders for reducing shoulder pain.

Try A Chiropractor:

These doctors work every day with patients that have spinal issues, muscle and tension issues and pain and they can work with you and your body to help bring you back into a state of good health. They have a process to help the spine to realign if it’s gotten out of alignment. And they have a number of methods to help eliminate many of the causes as well as to reduce and eliminate the pain.

Preventative Tips for Pain Between Shoulder Blades

The first tip is to simply practice returning to good posture whether you’re sitting, standing, or resting. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer then if possible get an ergonomic chair. If you regularly have to lift things that are heavy, make sure that you are using proper form and if you’re unsure what that is, then try to find out.

It is recommended that even if you work in an environment where you are required to sit for long periods that you make opportunities to stand up on a regular basis. At a minimum, you should be standing up for few minutes at least every hour and a half to 2 hours of sitting. Try to find opportunities for this even when you’re in a very busy and stressful environment.

The healthier you eat the healthier your body is likely to be. Make sure to get enough sleep which for most people is generally 6 to 9 hours a night. Create a lifestyle that is healthy and stress-free. Stress is one of the most common culprits for many of today’s chronic conditions. It is no less true than when it comes to muscle pain.

If you experience a lot of stress in your life then you should find ways to eliminate it. This might mean eliminating certain activities or to stop associating with certain people. Learn to meditate. Most important is to not allow yourself to get worked up over things that really are not that important.

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